Greetings. The site which formerly inhabited this space is now gone. It arrived at the tail end of a long journey, being mostly a method of cohering thought, intent, and action. It served its purpose well. However, the journey is finished, the lessons learned, and now a new journey has begun elsewhere. In sum: The author is no longer relying on the "push" method of creation, recognizing that every force has an equal and opposite force, and any push into Creation demands an equal pull upon the originating soul until equilibrium is reached. There are some subject matters which ought not be pushed, even though it may be fashionable at times to do so. One of these is God. Relationship with God is to be lived, not pushed, nor pulled. The period of rest in the middle of these two is a good thing. This is abeyance; a condition of rest which is between conditions of unrest. This website was, however weakly, pushing God. Now it is not. Now it is just a faint echo of a stage along life's way in the journey of a soul across the odd landscape which is mortality. Perhaps there will be something new and interesting at this location in the future, or perhaps not. For now, you get this brief message and a fond farewell until we meet again.